Study of the Eocene Totara limestone near Oamaru.


Sikumbang, Nafrizal.


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The area studied for this project lies between Maheno to Oamaru, South Island, New Zealand. The area extends from Weston and Kia Ora 1n the north and to the Kakanui River (near Maheno) in the south. The type locality for the Maheno Limestone was previously defined by Gage (1957) at South Cape Wanbrow, Oamaru. In the present study a complete sequence of the Totara Limestone 1s defined southeast of Clark's Flour Mill, Reidston.
Field work was carried out mainly from the middle to the end of February, and the area was revisited occasionally during weekends.
The main object of the research was to establish the stratigraphic succession, the relationship to the Waiareka Volcanic Formation, and the nature of the Totara Limestone. This largely involved measuring the sequences of strata and collecting samples. More than one hundred and fifty representative samples were collected mainly in the Totara Limestone, but also from the Waiareka Volcanic Formation.

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POLYGON ((170.806216422803317 -45.173344319788661,170.81105356604823 -45.073405011732987,170.923236713845398 -45.075739197704273,170.91554060127217 -45.176345547094058,170.806216422803317 -45.173344319788661))




Sikumbang, Nafrizal., “Study of the Eocene Totara limestone near Oamaru.,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed May 22, 2024,

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