Status of the Goodwood Limestone


Almond, C. S.


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INTRODUCTION; The f 1\e..ld area. for this project was located on' the east coast of Otago , approximately forty five kilometres north of Dunedin. The a.r a xtended from just no~th of Cornish Head , Waikouaiti , to the southern banks of the Shag River . As a result of poor , sparse outcrops away from the coast , f i ~ld 1ork was limited primarily to the coastal cliff outcrops . F\eld work was , therefore , strongly controlled by the tides. The purpose of this project was to determine the validity of what , to date , has been termed the Goodwood Limestone (or formation) and this involved determining its relationship to the Caversham Se.n~stone (or formation). 1 This project has brought the writer to the conclusion that the Goodwood Limestone (as mapped by Service, 1934) ia not sufficiently distinct ~~om the Caveraham Sandstone to be regar ed as a formation in its own ri ht. On the basis of information set out in this thesis the ~iter proposes that the Goodwood Limeston , as herein delimitated, be considered as a member of the Caversham Formation. In this thesis the Goodwood Member refers to the Goodwood Memo r of the Caversham Formation, and Caversham Formation refers to any part of the Caversham Sandstone or Goodwood Limestone not included in that indicated as being part of the Goodwood ember. Any further reference to the Goodwood Limestone or Cavorsham Sand tone ~ill be in a historical context and , unless otherwise stated , will be in reference to these uni t fl as mapped by Service, 1934

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POLYGON ((170.825621604491403 -45.459904856787823,170.842988974211607 -45.465950120599921,170.762693356484789 -45.544902391279571,170.705211900795064 -45.624734471243244,170.684362062682567 -45.620026749613714,170.743488806933811 -45.533569229292212,170.825621604491403 -45.459904856787823))




Almond, C. S., “Status of the Goodwood Limestone,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed May 22, 2024,

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