Stratigraphy, Structure and Metamorphism in the Bob's Cove-Moke Creek-Queenstown Area, Lake Wakatipu.


Turnbull, IM


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(ABSTRACT of paper given at Geological Society of N.Z. Conference, November 29th, 1969)
Schist Structure and Stratigraphy, Faulting and Tertiary Sedimentation in the Queenstown-Bob's Cove Area
I.M. Turnbull
University of Otago
The schist in the Bob's Cove-Queenstown area grades from Chl II to Chl lV and is dividible into 3 stratigraphic units, one of which extends 30 miles to the north, Younging directions and mesoscopic folds in bedding and bedding foliation (termed F1 -folds) show that these units are on the overturned limb of a nappe-like fold with an axis plunging 45° SW and rooting to the NW. Another generation of folds in foliation (F3- folds) is developed close to major faults and individual folds can reach macroscopic proportions, F3 folds were developed during a period or sub-horizontal east-west compression which initiated movement on the Moonlight Fault and other major faults in the area.
A new occurrence of marine Tertiary strata (?Landon) is mapped along the downthrown side of a newly-discovered major reverse fault (the 2 Mile Creek Fault) 5 miles E of, and parallel to, the Moonlight Fault. Another NNE-striking fault passes through the summit of Wedge Peak and a third parallels the S bank of 12 Mile Creek to be truncated by the Moonlight Fault. Landon rocks at Bob's Cove are bonded by the Moonlight Fault on the west and rest unconformably on sohist to the east. Lithological evidence shows that those sediments and those in the 2 Mile Creek and Moonlight Fault zones were derived from schist up thrown to the west during a second phase of movement on the Moonlight Fault. A marine connection of the Te Anau Basin is also postulated in some places, as at Bob's Cove, the sediments have been folded in F3 style by the latest period of fault movement in the area.

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POLYGON ((168.667424133000054 -45.054978712999969,168.660706700000105 -45.056020936999971,168.659066718000076 -45.0562750199999,168.644430863000025 -45.058551861999945,168.501999625000053 -45.080560182999932,168.502410668000039 -45.079891157999953,168.534610983000107 -45.027366523999945,168.55717267600005 -44.990502998999943,168.560942286000113 -44.988448457999937,168.606213023000123 -44.963750259999983,168.614168517000053 -44.959405984999933,168.619111545000123 -44.964198191999969,168.629553274000045 -44.974321012999951,168.634025339000118 -44.978653121999969,168.634410295000066 -44.979023595999934,168.650030480000055 -44.99415608299995,168.683839596000098 -45.026870276999944,168.682437426000092 -45.046675233999963,168.682400342000051 -45.047219057999939,168.682310029000064 -45.048481830999947,168.682295391000025 -45.048679541999945,168.682009959000084 -45.052706128999944,168.668208889000084 -45.05485480599998,168.667424133000054 -45.054978712999969))




Turnbull, IM, “Stratigraphy, Structure and Metamorphism in the Bob's Cove-Moke Creek-Queenstown Area, Lake Wakatipu.,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed May 22, 2024,

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