Manganese Oxides and Associated Minerals from the Akatore


Khoo, KH


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Manganese oxide occurrences at the Taieri Mouth district have long been known, but until the present investigations were carried out, no mineragraphic descriptions of the ores have been made. In the present report a description will be given of the microscopy of the ore minerals as well as the associated transparent minerals.
Previous Work
The earliest work published on the manganese deposits is that of Hector in 1891. In his work on the geology of the area, Ongley (1939) gave a brief note on the occurrence of the manganese deposits. A more detailed description appeared in Robinson's (1958) thesis, although he was mainly concerned with the structural and metamorphic geology of the area. Reed (1960) included these ores in his resume on manganese ores in New Zealand.
Mining Operations in the Area
According to Williams (1965), mining of the manganese ores at Taieri Mouth was first started in the 1840's. Hector quotes a figure of 100 tons of ore taken from the mines in the area, but no later figures are available. Mining of the oxides ceased at the turn of the century, and Williams believes that no further ore can be economically won. At the point of writing, the rose-pink rhodonite rock at Akatore is being quarried as an ornamental stone.

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Khoo, KH, “Manganese Oxides and Associated Minerals from the Akatore,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed May 22, 2024,

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