The geology of the Mt. Stoker area


Brown, Edwin H.


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The area mapped lies south-east of Middlemarch, Eastern Otago. It is underlain mostly by schist but also includes several small Tertiary outliers of basanitic volcanics resting on a thin formation of quartz sands and conglomerates.
The lithology, mineralogy and structure of the schist are reported. From these studies the following conclusions are made: (1) bedding in a wide range of thicknesses is recognizable in the schist, (2) the area lies within a biotite and possibly garnet zone of metamorphism, (3) retrogressive metamorphism occurred and appears to have been accompanied by a deformational phase, (4) there were at least two phases of deformation during the metamorphic period - the first may have produced large-scale recumbent folds.
A section on the post-metamorphic geology includes a study of the sedimentary and volcanic formations, post-metamorphic structures, and geomorphology. A post-metamorphic history is given and compared with the regional geology. It appears that the area was stable throughout the lower and middle Tertiary.

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xii., 121 p., Map folded in pocket., photoes and illus., 27cm.


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POLYGON ((170.36594673500008 -45.616639051999982,170.352368813000112 -45.616360025999938,170.208429513000056 -45.613312699999938,170.20884602700005 -45.602641006999932,170.208853985000019 -45.602407127999982,170.210501595000096 -45.560282209999968,170.211186941000051 -45.542747603999942,170.211281533000033 -45.540359609999939,170.249009269000112 -45.541326722999941,170.257128221000016 -45.541532823999944,170.278577376000044 -45.542076501999929,170.400311653000017 -45.545084479999957,170.397636511000087 -45.617282555999964,170.36594673500008 -45.616639051999982))




Brown, Edwin H., “The geology of the Mt. Stoker area,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed May 22, 2024,

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