Geology of Lake Manapouri peninsula to Mt. Titiroa area, Eastern Fiordland, New Zealand.


Clarke, Alan William.


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The rocks of Mt. Titiroa are broadly divided into two groups. First is a high-grade (amphibolite) orthogeneiss with xenoliths of a fine-grained amphibolite paragneiss: this Tuhuan basement is intruded by a Rangitata granitic intrusion, the Titiroa Granodiorite. The Granodiorite is batholithic in extent, from south of Lake Monawai to Hope Arm in the north, and east to Paddock Hill, with a western margin of the Hunter Range. It is a Granodiorite to Tonalite composition rock, with an S-type origin and at Mt. Titiroa it is restricted to the Granodiorite field.
Contact metamorphic hornfels are not seen in this area, as the Granodiorite intruded the gneiss at a temperature of 620°C-720°C and at a depth of 12-19 kilometres. South at Green Lake, Higgins (1975) noted a hornblende facies hornfels to the same unit.
The second group is an unconformable, marine and non-marine Tertiary sequence. A basal conglomerate is described, named and interpreted as an alluvial fan deposit. This is the Hope Arm Conglomerate. This Formation is followed by a marine near-shore sequence. The Tunnel Burn Formation is recognised and separated into two Members, a Limestone member and a Sandstone member, and it is conformably overlain by a Mudstone Member of the Garden Point Formation.
The majority of the mapping area is covered by glacial moraine of the Marakura and Ramparats advances. These are recognised and mapped following McKellar' s (1973) work in the area, and post-glacial alluvium is mapped in stream beds and on beaches.

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Clarke, Alan William., “Geology of Lake Manapouri peninsula to Mt. Titiroa area, Eastern Fiordland, New Zealand.,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed May 22, 2024,

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