Geology of the mid-part of the Waihemo fault complex, North Otago.


Bogie, Ian.


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A series of major north-west trending faults, which make up the Waihemo Fault Complex, provide a boundary between textural zone 1 and 2A semi-schists, which have been metamorphosed to the prehnite-pumpellyite metamorphic facies, and textural zone 3B and 4 schists which have been metamorphosed to the greenschist facies.
Original lithologies can be recognized within the semi-schists. Sandstone and siltstone are predominant with minor argillite, limestone, chert, tuff and conglomerate. Most of the minor lithologies are contained within argillite-siltstone sequences which are contained within sandstone-siltstone sequences.
Limestone outcrops as massive beds, lenses and interbedded with chert and/or chloritic slate.
Two types of occurrences of chert were found; those interbedded with limestone and red chert enclosed within argillite.
Tuff was found as chloritic slates interbedded with limestone and as prehnite-rich beds enclosed within siltstone.
Conglomerate occurred as lenses within interbedded sandstone-siltstone sequences and as a large irregular mass within an argillite-siltstone sequence.
The quartzofeldspathic schists south of the Waihemo No. 2 Fault are overlain by pre-Eocene quartz conglomerates and sands which are overlain by Bortonian glauconitic marine silts. These are in turn overlain by plio-pliestocene remnant piedmont terraces and loess.

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POLYGON ((170.596584263000068 -45.336973920999981,170.656064123000078 -45.305477226999983,170.673870611000098 -45.338403647999939,170.65764106600011 -45.360285570999963,170.626340852000112 -45.37001915299993,170.596008361000031 -45.365789448999976,170.596584263000068 -45.336973920999981))




Bogie, Ian., “Geology of the mid-part of the Waihemo fault complex, North Otago.,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed May 22, 2024,

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