The geology of the Eastern Saddle Road area, Manawatu, N.I., N.Z.


Grammer, Terrence Ronald


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Te Apiti, Morgan, Wharite, Hope and Gorge Formations, Saddle Road Group, of Kapitean to Upper Nukumaruan age, unconformably overlie Torlesse Greywacke in the Saddle Road district. The sediments include marine, conglomerates, grits, sands and detrital coiquina limestones. The basement greywacke is placed in the Torlesse Supergroup and two lithologic groupings are recognised, the Ruahine facies and the Wakarara facies.
The Ruahine Fault (Lillie,l953 & Kingma, 1962) is remapped as a zone of three parallel faults. The existence of an Upper Tertiary Manawatu Strait is proved on faunal and sedimentological grounds. Pyrite from the Wharite Siltstone is shown to be of bacterial origin.

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POLYGON ((175.806818890593576 -40.340199672962342,175.8065672762053 -40.296562576907363,175.846612337516717 -40.295881369810729,175.845164678902364 -40.340155786498862,175.806818890593576 -40.340199672962342))

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Grammer, Terrence Ronald, “The geology of the Eastern Saddle Road area, Manawatu, N.I., N.Z.,” Otago Geology Theses, accessed April 22, 2019,